The 19th INQUA Congress will include a session about "Human dynamics in hot deserts" on 29th July 2015, which some researchers involved in the SimulPast project are contributing to convene.  These SimulPast researchers will also present their results during the session, as follows.

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LEK project, "The adaptive nature of culture: A cross-cultural analysis of the returns of Local Environmental Knowledge in three indigenous societies”, is a scientific research project funded by the European Research Council of the European Union. 

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A Special Interest Group for Complex Systems Simulation in Archaeology has been created to provide a strong communication platform for present and future researchers working in the complex systems simulation domain.

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Perhaps wondering how to take a dip into agent-based modelling? Here are some quick tips to get you going with agent-based social simulation:

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New research applying Complex Networks to the societies of the Neolithic in the Near East has shed much light on the distinct exchange dynamics among those first villages as their social complexity developed through the PPNA and PPNB periods (10.000 BC—7.000 BC).

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