The SimulPast project was present among the contributions to the First Meeting of COMSOTEC ("association for the study of socio-technological complex systems"), which took place on 9th-11th September 2015 in Santander, Spain, where it was hosted by Universidad de Cantabria (UCan) and coorganised by UCan and the IFCA, a physics research centre jointly suported by UCan and CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council. 

 Various members from different groups in the SimulPast project are among the authors of some of the oral presentations in COMSOTEC 2015:

· "Fuzzy Logic for Social Simulation using Netlogo", by Izquierdo, L.R., Almendres, M. and Izquierdo, S.I.

· "Influencia de la correlación espacial de recursos y los patrones de movilidad de sociedades cazadoras-pescadoras-recolectoras en la cooperación", Zurro, D., Briz i Godino, I., Santos, J.I., Galán, J.M., Caro, J., Pereda, M. and Álvarez, M.

· "The emergence of cultural consensus in early complex societies", Del Castillo, F., Barceló, J.A. and Miguel-Quesada, F.J.

According to a press release by the IFCA, the meeting brought together researchers from diverse disciplines, including archaeology, computer science, engineering, economics and statistical physics, who addressed a wide range of interdisciplinary areas by means of information technologies and complex systems theory. Such areas included, among many others, the differences between currently held macroeconomic paradigms, opinion dynamics of social networks, and transport congestion problems in cities and airports.