EAA meeting 2015

The 21st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists took place in Glasgow (UK) from the 2nd to the 5th of September 2015.  Members of the SimulPast project where represented among the sessions organised and papers and posters submitted.

Under the theme of "Science & Archaeology" the session "Integrated approaches to spatial analysis in domestic and inhabited contexts" was organised by H. McParland, R. Inglis, F. Carrer and C. Lancelotti

Under this same theme various papers and posters where presented: "Surveying the dunes: applications of earth observation in monsoonal semi-arid environments (North Gujarat, India)" by F.C. Conesa, N. Devanthéry, A.L. Balbo, M. Madella, J. Alcaina and C. Lancelotti; "Where is my layer? Stratigraphic uncertainty in tropical contexts: predictive modeling with 3D kriging" by C. Lancelotti, J. Alcaina, J. Ruiz, M. Madella and G. Coimbra, and "Hunter-gatherers use of space in tropical environment: an integrated study combining social anthropology, ethnoarchaelogy and geoarchaeology" by D. Friesem, N. Lavi, P. Ajithprasadand and M. Madella

In addition,  among the papers and posters presented under the theme of "Reconfiguring identities", C. Tsoraki, H. Barton, J.J. Garcia-Granero and M. Madella offered "Houses and households at Neolithic Çatalhöyük: the contribution of microwear and microbotanical analyses of ground stone tools to the understanding of household activities".