Future Directions Workshop

SimulPast progress workshop on future directions for this project.  This internal workshop was held on the 11th of March, 2015, at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona (Spain). These are the slides the representatives from the different groups in the SimulPast project used for their presentations.

The workshop was devoted to presentations from the different groups about their latest work in progressing the project, which were followed by a common discussion about the next steps forward.  Thus the workshop served as an update for all project members and precisely to build the directions for subsequent developments.


Workshop introduction: Future Directions

- Case study CS1 involving groups G1, G5, G7 and G9 : CS1_presentation

- Group G6 with groups G10 and G11 on case studies CS2 and CS7 : Consolider Grup 6

- Case study CS3 involving groups G10 and G2 : DEF-G2-WKSimulPast

- Group G5 on case study CS1 with groups G1, G7 and G9, and on case study CS5 with group G4 : G5_presentation

- Group G8 on case study CS6 with groups G1 and G3 : Isern_CS6

- Groups G11 and G10 on cases studies CS2 and CS3 : SimulPast_2015-GSADI-G11_v0.1

Agent-based parallel simulation of pre-Columbian societies : Simulación paralela basada en agentes de sociedades precolombinas