Random walks and levy flights

Credit: Sorathan Chaturapruek, Jonah Breslau, Daniel Yazdi, Scott G. McCalla, and Theodore Kolokolnikov.

"Random walks and Lévy flights: a social-science approach", a seminar by Dr. María Pereda García (Universidad de Burgos) from SimulPast group G10, took place in relation to case study 3 in the SimulPast project on the 25th of September, 2014, at IMF-CSIC, Egipcíaques 15, Barcelona 08001, Spain.


The slides from Dr. Pereda's seminar can be downloaded as a PDF file (2.57 MB) from here: Random Walks and Lévy Flights - A social-science approach


This seminar is part of a series of transdisciplinary seminars organised by the SimulPast project. The following are among those previously held, also within the framework of the SimulPast project:


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