Group 10 (G10) - Universidad de Burgos · Department of Civil Engineering

Is part of the Social Systems Engineering Centre (INSISOC). Its interests are focused in the study of complex systems and the group has applied different methods to characterize complexity in different research fields. The methodologies developed in recent years in artificial intelligence and within the field of systems thinking allows them to construct models to help understand complex systems. INSISOC has been a pioneer in the design of mechanisms that enable agents’ interactions in simulated models of complex systems by applying techniques and tools to pursue the handling of the complexity characterization and modelling the aggregate behaviour of the system under study.

Group 10: Ricardo del Olmo Martínez (PI), Miguel Ángel Manzanedo del Campo, Lourdes Saiz Bárcena, José Manuel Galán Ordax, José Ignacio Santos Martín, Luis Izquierdo Millán, Juan José Lavios Villahoz, María Pereda García.