Group 1 (G1) - Institució Milà i Fontanals · CSIC

Has a focus on the study of resource exploitation and prehistoric landscapes. This is carried out through an interdisciplinary approach that includes Bioarchaeology, Geoarchaeology and GIS technology. The group has long-standing expertise in the processes of domestication in the Old World, as well as hunter-gatherers/agriculturalist and human/environment relationships.

Group 1: Marco Madella (PI), Yolanda Aixelá Cabré, Josep Martí Pérez, David Ortega Cobos, Enrico R. Crema, Jorge Caro Saiz, Juan José García-Granero Fos, Francesc Cecilia i Conesa, Jonàs Alcaina Mateos, Stefano Biagetti, Eugenio Bortolini, Carla Lancelotti.