SimulPast is a network of 11 Research Groups from 7 Institutional Members. The Project also counts with the participation of External Groups that have specific interests in some areas of our research and that are helping in the project development. SimulPast is managed by two committees: the Scientific Committee and the Executive Committee. These are in charge of the implementation and monitoring of the project strategy and the day to day management. The project has appointed independent External Reviewers regularly assessing the development of the research on the basis of the proposal and the annual reports. The SimulPast finances are managed by the IMF-CSIC, delegating the single groups' budget to each Institutional Member.


The BSC-CNS (Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación) is the national supercomputing facility in Spain since 2005. BSC-CNS coordinates the Spanish Supercomputing Network and manages one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe, spectacularly housed in a chapel building in Barcelona.

This supercomputing facility, the MareNostrum III cluster, achieved a Peak Performance of 1.1 Petaflops in 2014. The mission of the BSC-CNS is to investigate, develop and manage information technology in order to facilitate scientific progress. Special dedication is given to Computer Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Computational Applications in Science and Engineering. Exposure to industrial and non-computer science academic practices helps focus basic research towards improving practical performance, with very positive results both for research and society.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center