Conditional dissociation model

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13. 10. 14
posted by: Alejandro Chiner
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Conditional dissociation as a plausible mechanism for the emergence of cooperation was the topic of one of the seminars by members of research group G10 of the SimulPast project. These seminars were given at the University of Western Australia in Perth on 7th and 11th of October 2013.


  ·  "Leaving undesirable partners - A sufficient condition to explain the evolutionary emergence of cooperation". Invited by the School of Agricultural and Resource Economics of the University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia). Seminar Series. 11th October 2013.


The other presentation described a modelling methodology that is widely applicable in economics and other disciplines.

  ·  "Combining Mathematical and Simulation approaches to understand Agent-based models". Invited by the Business School of the University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia). Marketing Seminar Series. 7th October 2013.