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14. 05. 15
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"Simulating the Past: Exploring Change Through Computer Simulation in Archaeology", a special issue of theĀ Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (JAMT) has finally been published and is dedicated to articles by the team of the SimulPast project and its external reviewers and international collaborators.

This special issue demonstrates diverse choices in the utilisation of computational methods for archaeological simulation as the wide range of approaches rehearsed in the SimulPast project are showcased in nine different articles. Breath and depth are further achieved by the contributions of experts external to the project, who add greater perspective in three more articles on the methodological complexity, epistemology and history of computational models in archaeological research.

"... the contributions to this volume visibly demonstrate that this avenue of research is instrumental in advancing our knowledge on the evolution of human behaviour..."

Simulating the past to understand human behaviour, the SimulPast project explores social and environmental transitions by means of computational simulations and formal models based on archaeological and ethnographic data. The initial results of the project are presented in this special issue.

The special issue "Simulating the Past: Exploring Change Through Computer Simulation in Archaeology" is published in June 2014 as issue 2 in volume 21 of the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, pp. 251-510.